Lunes, Abril 1, 2013

[HELP] GTA SA Crash after loading

Hey guys, as you all know, I already got my SA again but I encountered a problem. It worked fine when theres no mods but after I installed Cleo, DYOM and some models, it crashes right after loading. I can play it without mods but I wanted still to create more DYOM missions and i just can't. If theres anyone that can help me solve this problem it will be greatly appreciated :) I just want to get back in mission designing :((

Thanks Guys O:)

Martes, Nobyembre 27, 2012

[REL] BF3 Weapon And Tank Sound Mod

Well Alot Are Asking For The This Sound Mod That I Made, This Is What I Have Been Using In The Past Videos, ALL Of It Is From Battlefield 3.

This Was Supposed To Be Private But Fuck That :D

This Sound Mod Replaces:
*Sniper Rifles
*Tank Engine
*Tank Tracks

Preview Video:
Download Link: Download Sound Mod

Guess What My Next Mission Is O.o:

Linggo, Nobyembre 25, 2012

[REL] BF3 M1A2 Abrams Battle Hardened

I Reskinned Skyline's BF3 Abrams Mod. I Added Some Scratches And Bullet Holes.

This Modification Has:
*Moving Wheels And Tracks
*Working Lights
*Interior Also From BF3
Thanks To Skyline :DD

Credits To:
SkylineGTR34Freak - Model Conversion
dsJonas96 - Skin

My Reskin Result(With Scratches And Bullet Holes):

Skyline's Default Skin(No Scratches Or Bullet Holes):
How It Looks Like On BF3:

Download Link: Download

Sabado, Nobyembre 24, 2012

[REL] BF3 Style M1A2 Abrams

Well This Is The M1A2 Model From Skyline's USMC Pack, I Only Reskinned It To Make It Look Like The One From BF3 Multiplayer ( A Bit Blue-ish)

I'm Not Yet Asking Permission To Skyline. But If You Are Interested Just Tell Me :)

Thanks To SkylineGTR34Freak For The BF3 Decals :D

*Moving Wheels And Tracks
*Working Front And Rear Lights
*TUSK Reactive Armor Included
*Added Custom Decals
*Enterable MG Turret

Lighter Extererior(Whitish):

TUSK Reactive Armor Upgrade:

Original BF3 Abrams:

Download Link: Download

Miyerkules, Oktubre 31, 2012

[WIP] USMC Realistic Rhino Sounds

Well.. I Got Bored On The Unrealistic Sound Of The Original SA Rhino So I Modified It To Make It Sound Like A Real Tank.

---Sound Taken From An M1A2 Abrams Tank---

Sound Effects:
*Changed The Original Engine Sound, Now You Can Hear Tank Tracks
*Changed The Firing Sound, Now More Realistic

Preview Video:
PS: Please Turn Up The Volume.

 There Are Still Bugs Present -.- I'll Work On It.
I Don't Even Know If You Guys Are Interested In It, But If You Are, Just Kindly Tell Me :))
I'll Probably Be Making More Military Sound Effects, If You Want To Suggest Then Feel Free :D

Biyernes, Setyembre 28, 2012

[REL] USMC Night Firefight "The Unit"

Another USMC Series Mission....
This Was Based From A Hit Series "The Unit"
Mods Used:
USMC Skin: Unknown
M16+M203: Paul98
M240 HAMR: Paul98
Humvee GPK: SkylineGTR34Freak

I Won't Give Any Direct Links:: Learn How To Search On Google !

DL: Download Mission