Linggo, Abril 8, 2012

[INFO] San Andreas Retextured 3 1.7

Hey Guys, If You Ever Ask Why My Map Textures In My Next Vids Is Different From The Original, I Am Now Using San Andreas Retextured 3 v1.7 Commonly Known As SRT3 , It Makes My Game Prone To Crashes, But Its Still Enjoyable, Although I Still Don't Have Vids That Show I'm Using SRT3 Yet, Credit To Whoever Made SRT3 v1.7

[RELPart 3 Only ] Mw3 Scorched Earth Mission

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
I Lost Part 1 & 2
Heres The Part 3 Download: Download Part 3

Lunes, Abril 2, 2012

[INFO] Minor Problems And Short Break

Sorry Guys, I'm Experiencing Problems With The Fire Object On DYOM, It Always Makes GTA Crash, And I Won't Be Here From Thursday To Sunday, But I Will Continue The Seal Team 7, We Are Going On An Island And There Is No WiFi Or Any Internet Connections There, Luckily There Is Electricity Via Solar Panels And Generators.