Huwebes, Mayo 31, 2012

[REL] Geared BF3 Soldiers W/ Camos

Still Buggy, But Somehow Reduced, Still Need More Games To Get Models From :)
Next Will Be The Russians :)



Thanks To Skyline For The Gears

Download: Download Mod

[Rel] BF3 Non Geared Soldiers Camos

I'm Not Sure How To Fix The Bugs But I'll Keep Trying :) The Pack Contains Three Camos:




Download: Download Mod
 At Last I'm Done With The Camos, Now On To Fixing Bugs ;) 

[REL] Non Geared BF3 Soldier

Holy Crap ! I Actually Did It ! I Made A Mod ! Buggy But Not Bad For My First Mod :) Still Has No Gear, Dunno How To Hack Models, Anyways, Enjoy (Theres A Bug When Crouching And In The Hands, I'll Fix It Later),
                  What I'll Convert Next:
                         -US Army
                         -Russian Army
                         -British Soldiers
Credits To BF2 Project Reality Maker :) If You Have More Request From BF2 PR Leave A Comment :)
Download: Download Mod

Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

Battlefield 3 Trailer

Hey Guys, This Is Just A Compilation Of My Previous BF3 Missions Which Turned Out Pretty Cool :)
Credits In The Video's Description

Sabado, Mayo 26, 2012

[REL][BETA] Pearl Harbor Mission

I Will Be Gone For A While, Heres A Beta Version Of My Pearl Harbor Mission
The Enemy Planes Are Divided in 2 Waves, Each Has 8 Planes, But The 2nd Wave You Will Have 2 Wingmen, There Supposed To Be The 3rd Which You Will Fight On Land But I Still Didn't Make It, Enjoy:)
DL: Download Pearl Harbor

Following Mods Are Required:
Nanuchka Class Corvette By Skyline :
Boat From COD:BO By Salva :
MW3 Boat By Paul98:
WWII Willys Jeep(Mesa) By Paul98 :
M1 Garand(Cuntgun)
Anims By [COD5]Frost:

Biyernes, Mayo 25, 2012

[INFO] Contact

Follow Me At Twitter So That You Will Have Daily Updates On My Missions,


My Facebook:


Huwebes, Mayo 17, 2012

[INFO] Pearl Harbor

Alright, I'm Making A Pearl Harbor Mission, With Large Ships, WW2 Planes, Whatever Else!
As For The USMC Missions, I Think I'll Upload Them As A Pack, I Will Not Make Each Of My USMC Mission As A Video, Instead I'll Make A Trailer For It ^^.


Sabado, Mayo 12, 2012


It's Been A While Guys, Took Me About 20 Crashes And 12 Sneaking To PC To Make This, Still WIP, Release Probably Tomorrow, Meanwhile, Watch The Trailer/Vid/Teaser/whatever,

PS: Special Thanks To skylineGTRfreak And Frostmods.

Huwebes, Mayo 10, 2012

[INFO] Afghanistan/Iraq Missions

So Hey Guys, For The Momment, I'm Working On Afghanistan/Iraq Missions, Just Waiting For The Release Of Skyline's USMC Pack So I Can Make A Video Of It, If You're Wondering How I Can Play My PC, I'm Able To Sneak To My Computer When My Parents Are Out Of Town(They Always Are), Anyways, Just Wait A Little Bit Longer.

EDIT: Alright It's Released ! Waiting For It To Finish Downloading, Special Thanks To SkylineGTRfreak.

Huwebes, Mayo 3, 2012

[INFO] Grounded

Sorry Guys For Not Posting Missions Anymore, I Just Got Grounded From My PC, I Have Lots Of Missions Waiting To Be Uploaded, I'm Just Waiting For The Release Of Some Mods