Martes, Agosto 7, 2012

[END] Game Over !

That's It, I Lost Everything, I Mean EVERYTHING Including Files Related To GTA San Andreas

If You're Wondering Why, My Laptop Broke Down And The Technician Said It's Impossible To Fix It, It Can Still Be Repaired But It Will Cost Me Double, So I Bought A New One Instead :(

All Things Won't Be Released Anymore:

BF2 Anims - WIP
Crashed Black Hawk (Object) - Finished
Destroyed T62 Tank (Object) - Finished
LVTH6 (Rhino) - Finish But Has Different Collision
USMC Missions - 6 Finished

I'm Also Very Disappointed As You Guys, But Theres No Backup, It Happened Too Fast And Unexpectedly, I'm Really Sorry Guys :(

dsJonas96 Out.

Here Are Photos Of Me Instead :) :