Sabado, Hunyo 30, 2012

[REL] Czech Hedgehog

Well, I Can't Play GTA Anymore, But Heres The Czech Hedgehog You Guys Been Looking For, But I Will Continue To Make More Object Mods Such As:

A Crashed Black Hawk
Destroyed Tanks
Other Military Stuff

Heres A Pic Of The Hedgehog
DL Link : Download Mod

Lunes, Hunyo 11, 2012

[WiP] Preview Of Dday

The Mods Used Will Be Shown On The Video's Description, So Don't Friggin' Ask Me About The Mods

Sabado, Hunyo 9, 2012

[WIP] czech hedgehogs and a Dday mission

What More Way To Enjoy A WWII Mission? Czech Hedgehogs Pf Course, And I Have Just The Thing, And A Mission To Test It Out,

For those who doesn't know what a czech hedgehog is, its a type of beach defense That loooked like giant X used during high tides, its purpose is to rip the landing craft apart to prevent it from coming any closer to the beach and be a easy target,

Heres some pics:

The creator of the weapon mod passed away few years ago, and left this great mod so thanks to him.
The Hedgehogs were created by me using 3dsmax and it replaces the wrecked car, i'll upload it along with the mission ;)

Huwebes, Hunyo 7, 2012

[REL] Ultimate ATV Quad Chase

Well some people asked me to upload it so, here it is

Lunes, Hunyo 4, 2012

[WIP] LVTH6 Light Amphivious Tank

This Is The Battle Tank Of The Philippines, There Are No Other Models So I Made One From Scratch Using 3dsMax, With Urban Camo
EDIT: The Model Is Done, Now The Conversion Begins( It Seems Like Converting It To SA Is Way Harder Than Making It From Scratch)

PS: I'm Planning To Add A Soldier In The Turret Holding The Machine Gun But IDK How To Remove Those Bones.