Lunes, Abril 1, 2013

[HELP] GTA SA Crash after loading

Hey guys, as you all know, I already got my SA again but I encountered a problem. It worked fine when theres no mods but after I installed Cleo, DYOM and some models, it crashes right after loading. I can play it without mods but I wanted still to create more DYOM missions and i just can't. If theres anyone that can help me solve this problem it will be greatly appreciated :) I just want to get back in mission designing :((

Thanks Guys O:)

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  1. Happened to me before, you will need to find the problem. By finding the problem I mean find the mod that created all this madness and to find it follow this steps in every single mod you install.

    - Get a clean copy of GTA SA
    - Get another copy for the mods
    - Install one skin, cleo script and stuff. But before you do so, make a backup ... erm..
    eg...I've installed skin A successfully, now I'm goin gto install skin B but before I do that I will make a backup of my gta3.img.

    That is how I fixed my gta sa crashing problem, hope it helped bcuz I love your blog :>

  2. You should try installing 1 by 1 and see what Mod causes the crash.

  3. hei dsjonas i'm have the solution from your trouble you must re instal you gta san andreas data folder complete and replace maps folders and etc right in use this on my gta san andreas and game is running god again


  4. Just go to C:\Users\++USERNAME+\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\
    and delete gta_sa.set

  5. If it crash because data that should have been included in GTA3 img not submit or otherwise in cleon folder :))

  6. Follow to simple steps:
    -Re-install your GTA:San Andreas or (Clean some cleons or new gta.img)
    -Install couple of mods (10-30) don't install too many cleos mods
    PS:Can i have the tank sounds <3

  7. the models should have no problems,check the cleo.remove the WHOLE CLEO STUFF,reinstall cleo,and test the mods 1 by 1.and also,(a helpful tip)if you know for sure some cleo mods that you install before work surely,then check and test the new stuff mods you installled.(not just cleo,maybe data,data load error is most annoying)

    Hope that help.

    I would also help you even further if you could be more specific.I know how annoying it is,trust me.I had the same problem a few days back.

  8. your problems is about CLEO .. delete some files you download for new modes becouse is not compability or you miss there main location for working..... dont reinstall the CLEO easy way

    -cut CLEO FOLDER and paste into your Desktop-
    -try play the GTA and crash what you say is gone but the CLEO mode nothing work-
    -now delete the file in CLEO noy compability not ( CS ) file becouse CLEO never working if you remove it-

    i hope u see the idea

  9. download gta sa compact exe heres link name it to gta_sa 100% WORKING!!!