Linggo, Nobyembre 25, 2012

[REL] BF3 M1A2 Abrams Battle Hardened

I Reskinned Skyline's BF3 Abrams Mod. I Added Some Scratches And Bullet Holes.

This Modification Has:
*Moving Wheels And Tracks
*Working Lights
*Interior Also From BF3
Thanks To Skyline :DD

Credits To:
SkylineGTR34Freak - Model Conversion
dsJonas96 - Skin

My Reskin Result(With Scratches And Bullet Holes):

Skyline's Default Skin(No Scratches Or Bullet Holes):
How It Looks Like On BF3:

Download Link: Download

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  1. Eh..... What to do with that file.... Rhino Tracks.cs? Where to put it? or how to use it?