Sabado, Nobyembre 24, 2012

[REL] BF3 Style M1A2 Abrams

Well This Is The M1A2 Model From Skyline's USMC Pack, I Only Reskinned It To Make It Look Like The One From BF3 Multiplayer ( A Bit Blue-ish)

I'm Not Yet Asking Permission To Skyline. But If You Are Interested Just Tell Me :)

Thanks To SkylineGTR34Freak For The BF3 Decals :D

*Moving Wheels And Tracks
*Working Front And Rear Lights
*TUSK Reactive Armor Included
*Added Custom Decals
*Enterable MG Turret

Lighter Extererior(Whitish):

TUSK Reactive Armor Upgrade:

Original BF3 Abrams:

Download Link: Download

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